The White, Tiger English subtitles


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The tanker died and was born again. The war brought back life. A new life, subordinated to one goal: to rid the world of the White Tiger ... the killer tank ... the monster tank.

What is it? Rave? Mirage? Reich's secret weapon? Or did he discover the main secret of the war?

A nightmare that will keep you awake. A nightmare from which you cannot wake up.

Director - Karen Shakhnazarov

Screenwriter - Alexander Borodyansky

Composers: Konstantin Shevelev, Yuri Poteenko.

Cast: Alexey Vertkov, Vitaly Kishchenko, Valery Grishko, Alexander Vakhov, Dmitry Bykovsky, Gerasim Arkhipov, Vitaly Dordzhiev, Vladimir Ilyin, Maria Shashlova, Karl Krantzkovsky, Christian Redl, Klaus Grunberg, Wilmar Biri

Battles 1901-Now
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