Opera Das Rheingold - Das Rheingold Finale, sung in English

Finale from "Das Rheingold" by German composer Richard Wagner (1813-1883), the first opera in of the Ring Cycle, "Der Ring des Nibelungen". In this scene, the thunder god Donner (Thor) summons a storm to clear the atmosphere and Froh (Freyr) builds a rainbow bridge to allow the gods passage into the newly constructed palace Walhall (Valhalla). Only the trickster god of fire Loge (Loki) remains on earth, telling the audience that he wishes destruction on the gods for their deceit. Finally, the Rhine-maidens mourn the loss of their magical gold and declare that the glory of the gods is an illusion.

Donner: Norman Welsby
Froh: Robert Ferguson
Wotan: Norman Bailey
Fricka: Katherine Pring
Loge: Emile Belcourt
Drei Rheintöchter: Valerie Masterson, Shelagh Squires, Helen Attfield
Conductor: Reginald Goodall
English National Opera Orchestra
Richard Wagner, Das Rheingold, finale
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