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Interesting Places

  • Latvia


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    Latvia is in NW Europe on the Baltic coast next to Russia. There are a lot of interesting things to see from the Middle Ages.

  • Popular Belarus - Minsk

    Belarus - Minsk

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    Minsk the capital of Belarus, culture, tourist attractions as well as showcase of industries and economy.Belarus transliterated to English = White Russia Russian belo = white, Rus = ancient name for Russia

  • Popular Oregon - Portland Aerial Tram

    Oregon - Portland Aerial Tram

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    Don't miss riding the Portland Oregon Aerial tram on a clear day!

  • Popular Sydney Opera House

    Sydney Opera House

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    The Sydney Opera House is one of the world's most spectacular buildings, yet few people know the remarkable story of its creation. Designed nearly 50 years ago, the shape of the building was so complex that entirely new engineering and construction techni

  • Popular Samarkand Drive

    Samarkand Drive

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    A short drive through a residential area of Samarkand Uzbekistan.August 05, 2010..

  • Popular Tashkent Uzbekistan

    Tashkent Uzbekistan

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    Tashkent, Turkish for city of Stone is the capital of Uzbekistan and of the Tashkent Province. The officially registered population of the city in 2008 was about 2.2 million. Unofficial sources estimate the actual population may be as much as 4.45 million

  • Popular Astana Kazakhstan

    Astana Kazakhstan

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    Astana, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan is ten years old this year. The city's designation as capital initiated one of the most ambitious urban development projects of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. This film -- THIS IS ASTANA - shows c

  • Popular Ashgabat Turkmenistan

    Ashgabat Turkmenistan

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    A great building boom in Ashgabat, capital of Turkmenistan.

  • Popular Almaty Kazakhstan

    Almaty Kazakhstan

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    The introductionary video and presentation about future development of Almaty City, the largest city in Kazakhstan.Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the World. Archaeologists believe that humans first domesticated the horse on Kazakhstan's vast pra

  • Popular Istanbul - European Capital of Culture

    Istanbul - European Capital of Culture

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    The city of culture, the city where continents meet. Official video of Istanbul 2010; European Capital of Culture. Istanbul (Turkish: ?stanbul, historically also known as Byzantium and Constantinople) is the largest city in Turkey and fifth largest city p

  • Popular Russia - Restoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow

    Russia - Restoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow

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    In February 1990, the Russian Orthodox Church received permission from the Soviet Government to rebuild the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.Restoration of the cathedral began in 1995 and lasted five years. In order to match the original finishing, marble

  • Russia - Inside St Basil's Cathedral

    Russia - Inside St Basil's Cathedral

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    The interior of the most famous church in Russia is much smaller than one would imagine.

  • Popular Moscow Everyday life

    Moscow Everyday life

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    This clip is made from my archive, photos that I took personally in Moscow.I tried to show images that one can see in everyday life in Moscow.

  • Popular Beautiful Baku - Azerbaijan

    Beautiful Baku - Azerbaijan

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    A lovely day for a drive around the city of Baku, Azerbaijan.

  • Azerbaijan Tourism Video

    Azerbaijan Tourism Video

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    This is the official tourism video about Azerbaijan and it's regions with local music.

  • Russia - Train ride along Lake Baikal

    Russia - Train ride along Lake Baikal

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    Train ride along Lake Baikal on the old Trans-Siberian track by the Zarengold train. View from the front of the train. It is 1,300 miles around Lake Baikal by rail.

  • Popular Russia - Wonderful Baikal

    Russia - Wonderful Baikal

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    Lake baikal, set in a gigantic stone bowl nearly 636 km long and almost 80 km wide, here lies 20% of all the unfrozen freshwater on the earth in Lake Baikal. Lake Baikal is the oldest and deepest lake in the World, with an average depth of 2,441 ft, maxim

  • Popular Russia - Lake Baikal

    Russia - Lake Baikal

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    The border between Siberian Russia and Mongolia is a natural divide with rugged hills and mountains to the north covered in a seemingly endless forest; the Russian Taiga. And to the south, the rolling grasslands of Mongolia. About half-way along this bord