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  • Sir Cliff Richard

    Sir Cliff Richard, what a talent, he sings Rock and Roll, Pop, Country, Classical, Opera and Gospel-Religious Music with Rock and Roll his main claim to fame. He is also a writer, actor, comedian, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

    Cliff has been knighted three times and is one of the very few Knights of Malta of the Order of St. John the oldest order of Chivalry that is still in existence, founded in Jerusalem in 1098, a knight of the British Empire, Officer of the Order of the British Empire and a knight of Portugal, Order of Prince Henry the Navigator..

    Born from humble beginnings in India in 1940, his family moved to England in 1948. When he was a teenager his father gave him a guitar for a birthday present and that is where it all began.

    Cliff has sold over 300 million records in his career, over 100 hit songs, only a few people or groups have surpassed this mark, Elvis, Micheal Jackson, The Beatles, Abba and a few more. Cliff had his own variety show on the BBC for a few years and has been the star and leading man in many movies like "Summer Holiday" "The Young Ones" "Wonderful life" to name a few, he has appeared more than 12 movies.

    Cliff wrote and stared in the stage production "Heathcliff" an adaption of the novel "Wuthering Heights" though focusing on the character of Heathcliff and adapting the story to fit in with the staging and production. "Heathcliff" opened on October 16 1996, amongst considerable interest from the world’s media about Sir Cliff Richard playing the dark, barely civilized, character, with many sources speculating that Cliff could not carry off such a role. The opening advance ticket sales for the show were £8.5 million, believed to be a record at the time. Box office records were broken for first-week ticket sales. Following the run in Birmingham the show transferred to Edinburgh for four weeks, before returning to the NIA for a few additional dates before Christmas. After the New Year the show opened in the Palace Theater, Manchester before transferring to London. The final performance was at Labatt's Apollo, Hammersmith, in May; Cliff had played to audiences of close to half a million people, and had broken box office records at almost every theater.

    Cliff is still performing to this very day at over 70 and he looks 20 years younger than he is, probably due to his style of living. Cliff's only vice seems to be having a few glasses of wine with friends and family. Cliff does own a winery in Portugal so I am sure it is his own wine.

    Record Labels: EMI, Columbia, Epic, Decca, Rocket, Papillon

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