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Great People 1501-Now

  • 2:52:34 Stalin - full movie (1992)

    Stalin - full movie (1992)

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    HBO original movie starring Robert Duvall as Joseph Stalin.

  • 45:19 Popular Cortez Conqueror of Mexico

    Cortez Conqueror of Mexico

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    Cortés - Conqueror of MexicoWhen one considers that Cortés conquered Mexico with only a small army of conquistadors, some horses, and some firepower, it is a fantastic and hard to believe story. Cortés was gifted in using any advantag

  • 1:16:55 Popular Oliver Cromwell

    Oliver Cromwell

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    Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) was an english statesman and leader. He led the puritans as general to victory in the civil war against King Charles I and gave all authority to the parliament. But in 1653 he took the power himself and ruled as lord protector

  • Popular Tokugawa Ieyasu

    Tokugawa Ieyasu

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    Tokugawa Ieyasu January 31, 1543 – June 1, 1616 was the founder and first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan , which ruled from the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600 until the Meiji Restoration in 1868. Ieyasu seized power in 1600, received appoin

  • 46:43 Popular Catherine the Great

    Catherine the Great

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    Catherine II , also known as Catherine the Great. She reigned as Empress of Russia from 9 July 1762 after the assassination of her husband, Peter III. Under her direct auspices the Russian Empire expanded, improved its administration, and continued to mod

  • 1:41:46 Peter the Great

    Peter the Great

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    This film is the first part of a Soviet biography of Peter the Great, the Tsar who began the process of modernization and westernization, thus making Russia the first developing country.Born: May 30, 1672, Moscow, died: January 28, 1725, St. Petersburg. C

  • 49:36 Elizabeth I

    Elizabeth I

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    Elizabeth Tudor: The Red Rose of the House of Tudor.Elizabeth I - the last Tudor monarch - was born at Greenwich on 7 September 1533, the daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn.Her early life was full of uncertainties, and her chances of

  • 3:19:58 Michael the Brave

    Michael the Brave

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    "Michael the Brave" 1970 Romanian film, English subtitles. Best Romanian Movie ever -Michael the Brave, prince of Wallachia (1593-1601), prince of Transylvania (1599-1600), and prince of Moldavia (1600).Michael was one of Romania's greatest medieval ruler