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  • 1:43:29 The Last of the Vikings

    The Last of the Vikings

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    The Last of the Vikings, 1961 Harald and younger brother Guntar return to Norway after a 10-year voyage to find their father murdered and his lands now ruled by the villainous Sveno. As part of his plan to rally the Vikings against this tyrant, Harald dis

  • Popular Vikings Documentary

    Vikings Documentary

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    They were the dreaded forces on the fringes of civilization, the bloodthirsty warriors who defied the Roman legions and terrorized the people of Europe. They were the Barbarians, and their names still evoke images of cruelty and chaos. But what do we real

  • Popular The Vikings: Voyage to America

    The Vikings: Voyage to America

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    History channel 2006 Leif and his crew travelled from Greenland to Norway in 999, and after being blown off course to the Hebrides where they stayed for much of the summer, Leif arrived in Norway where he became a hirdman of King Olaf Tryggvason. Leif als

  • 43:58 Popular Battle of Stamford Bridge

    Battle of Stamford Bridge

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    The Battle of Stamford Bridge took place at the village of Stamford Bridge, East Riding of Yorkshire in England on September 25 1066, between an English army under King Harold Godwinson and an invading Norwegian force led by King Harald Hardrada of Norway

  • 58:55 Popular Viking Sagas

    Viking Sagas

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    Hundreds of years ago in faraway Iceland the Vikings began to write down dozens of stories called sagas - sweeping narratives based on real people and real events from their great adventures in Europe, Asia, and North America.. The term Viking from Old No