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Search Results: "Mario Lanza"

  • Popular Marco Antonio - Come Prima

    Marco Antonio - Come Prima

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    "Come Prima" (English: As Before) is an italian popular song, with lyrics by Mario Panzeri and music by Vincenzo Di Paola and Sandro Taccani. The most popular version in Italy was by Tony Dallara (Antonio Lardera). A recording by the Marino Marini Quartet

  • Popular Mario Lanza - The Donkey Serenade

    Mario Lanza - The Donkey Serenade

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    Donkey Serenade Mario Lanza.

  • Popular Mario Lanza - Rose Marie

    Mario Lanza - Rose Marie

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    Grew up listening to Mario Lanza, even though I'm only 39! It was required listening in our house, and I'm glad it was. In my own opinion the best there ever was and probably ever will be. Not the purists favorite in his hey day, but that just goes to sho

  • 04:02 Popular Mario Lanza - Come Prima

    Mario Lanza - Come Prima

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    Mario Lanza sings - Come Prima -(Panzeri-Ram-Taccani-Di Paola)from the Corona Films production - For The First Time -Conductor - George Stoll