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  • Popular The Greatest Knight

    The Greatest Knight

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    William MarshalSaul David investigates the violent world of the medieval melee tournament. Unlike the better known joust, this was a brutal brawl with sharpened weapons, few rules, and one undisputed champion- William Marshal. Saul investigates Marshal's

  • Popular Last Stand at Little Big Horn

    Last Stand at Little Big Horn

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    The Battle of Little Big Horn, known as ''Custer's Last Stand,'' has been one of the most frequently depicted moments in American history—and one of the least understood, still shrouded in myth.The battle has inspired over 1,000 different paintings

  • Popular Dark Ages - The Carolingians

    Dark Ages - The Carolingians

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    The Carolingian dynasty (known variously as the Carlovingians, Carolings, or Karlings) was a Frankish noble family with origins in the Arnulfing and Pippinid clans of the 7th century AD. The name "Carolingian" (Medieval Latin karolingi, an altered form of

  • Popular Genghis Khan Documentary

    Genghis Khan Documentary

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    Genghis Khan 1162 – August 1227), born Temujin and occasionally known by his temple name Taizu , was the founder and Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history after his death.He came to power by uniting m

  • Popular In search of the Trojan war - The Legend Under Siege

    In search of the Trojan war - The Legend Under Siege

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    The siege of Troy: Near the end of the ninth year since the landing, the Greek army, tired from the fighting and from the lack of supplies, mutinied against their leaders and demanded to return to their homes. According to the Cypria, Achilles forced the

  • 42:42 Popular Siege of Constantinople 1453

    Siege of Constantinople 1453

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    The Fall of Constantinople the capital of the Byzantine Empire, which occurred after a 53 day siege by the Ottoman Empire, under the command of Sultan Mehmed II with an army of 100,000 and 320 ships, against the defending army of 5,000 Greeks and 2,000 me

  • 59:56 Popular The Lost Libraries of Timbuktu

    The Lost Libraries of Timbuktu

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    BBC VideoAminatta Forna tells the story of legendary Timbuktu and its long hidden legacy of hundreds of thousands of ancient manuscripts. With its university founded around the same time as Oxford, Timbuktu is proof that the reading and writing of books h

  • 46:25 Popular The Great Pirate Ships

    The Great Pirate Ships

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    The Pirate Ships Documentary from the History Channel covering the more famous Pirates and the varied types of ships they used during the golden age of piracy.Good narration and recreations make this an enjoyable watch for any pirate fan.

  • 58:37 Popular Kingdoms of Africa - Nubia

    Kingdoms of Africa - Nubia

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    Dr Gus Casely-Hayford explores the pre-colonial history of some of Africa's most important kingdoms.The African continent is home to nearly a billion people. It has an incredible diversity of communities and cultures, yet we know less of its history than

  • Popular WW I - Battle of Jutland

    WW I - Battle of Jutland

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    The Battle of Jutland was a naval battle between the British Royal Navy's Grand Fleet and the Imperial German Navy's High Seas Fleet during the First World War. The battle was fought on May 31 and June 1 1916 in the North Sea near Jutland, Denmark. It was

  • 2:14:35 Popular Crimean War

    Crimean War

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    The Crimean War: Russia vs the Ottoman Empire, Britain and France.A Clash of Empires is a well-researched look into the conflict that shook Europe during the years 1853-56. The bloody conflict that pitted Russia against a large European coalition is shown

  • Popular History of Ancient Britain

    History of Ancient Britain

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    Covering the period 3100 BC -- 1000 AD. Simon Schama starts his story in the stone age village of Skara Brae, Orkney. Over the next four thousand years Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Danes, and Christian missionaries arrive, fight, settle and leave their

  • Popular Sydney Opera House

    Sydney Opera House

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    The Sydney Opera House is one of the world's most spectacular buildings, yet few people know the remarkable story of its creation. Designed nearly 50 years ago, the shape of the building was so complex that entirely new engineering and construction techni

  • 26:30 Popular WW II - Victory at Sea Episode 6

    WW II - Victory at Sea Episode 6

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    Victory At Sea - GuadalcanalIn the months following the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the Japanese drove the Americans out of the Philippines, the British out of British Malaya, and the Dutch out of the East Indies. The Japanese then began to e