What About Bob - Movie Review


My review of the underrated comedy, What About Bob?(1991) starring Bill Murray, Richard Dreyfuss, Julie Hagerty, Charlie Korsmo, Kathryn Erbe, Tom Aldredge, Susan Willis, and Roger Bowen. Directed by Frank Oz.


Woody Allen was suggested for the role of Leo Marvin.

The vacation house where this was filmed was actually in Virginia on Smith Mountain Lake.

The two buildings shown when Bob arrives at the Lake from New York are in Moneta, Virginia near Smith Mountain Lake. The blue building really was a general store and coffee shop. The red building was used in the movie as the bus station but in real life it was a produce warehouse called Moneta produce.

Leo Marvin is a psychiatrist whose kids' names are "Anna" and "Sigmund" named after the very well-known psychiatrist Sigmund Freud and his daughter, child psychologist Anna Freud.

The asylum where Dr. Marvin tries to have Bob committed is actually the Elks National Home in the City Bedford in Bedford County, Virginia. It is locally known because every Christmas the front lawn is lit with thousands of Christmas lights and draws nearly 100,000 spectators from the surrounding areas.

Roger Bowen's last film.

Frank Oz wanted Patrick Stewart to play Leo Marvin.

Julie Hagerty was only 10 years older than Kathryn Erbe, who played her daughter, Anna.

According to Richard Dreyfuss, he and Bill Murray did not get along during filming.

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