Facial type of the early Finno-Ugrians


A visual introduction to the physical type of the early Finno-Ugrians in Europe, with loads of anthropological reconstructions of old Finno-Ugrian skulls. The early Finno-Ugrians of Seymino-Turbino, Comb Ceramic and Kunda culture were mostly of Uralic, Lappinoid and Cro-Magnoid facial types. In the Baltic Indo-European Boat Axe culture, Indo-European Nordics of R1a haplogroup mixed with Finno-Ugrians of haplogroup N and (probably originally also Finno-Ugrian speaking) upper-palaeolithic Brünn survivors of haplogroup I1, to produce the modern East Baltic facial type, which is common in todays Finland, Northern Russia and the Baltic states.

Civilizations BC
Finno-Ugrians, Ugrians, Finno-Ugric, Finns, Anthropology
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