Battle of Sudomer


The Hussite wars were religious wars fought in Bohemia between breakaway Protestants and Catholics.
The Battle of Sudomer was fought on March 25, 1420, between Catholic and Hussite forces. The Hussites were led by B?en?k from Švihov who was killed in the battle and Jan Žižka, and they were victorious. This was the second battle of the Hussite Wars.
At the beginning of battle, the Hussites were attacked under a white flag of truce. However, the Hussites had fortified the area. One flank was protected by the war wagons, and the others were protected by irrigation ponds.  One thousand Johannites from Strakonice led by Jind?ich from Hradec, who was killed in the battle, attacked the war wagons that had been positioned on a dam with huge casualties and no success. After that another thousand knights of the Royalist cavalry led by Peter von Konopischt from Sternberg, who was killed in the battle Vitkov in 1420, rushed a weakly held side of the enemy formation, but got  mired in a pond of mud, so they dismounted, but got mired again. After that, the Hussite light infantry with armored flails could finish them easily. The battle ended with the advance of night and fog. Zizka was then able to escape. In the end, this was the first success out of many that the Hussites would have. The Hussite victory was amazing. Only 400 Hussites, farmers and townsmen including women and children, have beaten 2,000 cavalry. The ingenious use of Wagenburg tactics and choice of position by Jan Zizka would win the day.

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