WW I - Gallipoli Campaign


By Christmas 1914, the bloody impasse in the trench lines on the Western Front saw Lord Kitchener looking elsewhere for victory. In an attempt to gain access to the Black Sea they decided to go to war against Turkey, a British Naval expedition advanced on the Dardanelles, and Allied troops landed at Gallipoli with the aim of taking Constantinople. However, events did not go according to plan and after 37 weeks they only made it 5 miles inland, soldiers were evacuated from the beaches in the middle of the night, this was the biggest defeat in British military history. The British suffered 220,000 casualties 59% of their forces killed or wounded, they also lost 1 battleship to Turkish naval mines and 1 battleship to torpedoes from a German submarine..

Unfortunately, the lessons taught on Gallipoli were not learned by Mr. Churchill. WWII saw him, and the USA, repeat the error of Gallipoli by attacking the so called "Soft underbelly" of Hitlers Europe. The allies of WWII attacked a very similar, long and narrow, mountainous peninsula, from the bottom up as did those of WWI. Not surprisingly, the "Italian Campaign" became the same drawn out, deadly, poorly executed, and pointless stalemate that the Gallipoli campaign was.

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