The Story of Odin


This is the story of the Norse-German god Odin, Woden in German, most people do not realize that Odin was a real person. He was a great warrior and was well know far beyond his homeland. Odin visited many lands, he eventually moved to Sweden after having lived in Germany and Russia. After Odin died the Swedes began to worship him. Odin probably lived somewhere around the 100 to 300 A.D. era.

The story of Odin is told in the "Yngling Saga" the story of the kings of Norway.

Odin was not from Scandinavian or Germany. The description of where Odin's
homeland was located is in the "Yngling Saga" but it is not defined enough to pinpoint the exact location, but it was probably somewhere between the Caucasus Mountains and The Ural Mountains. Odin was probably one of three possibilities a Goth, an Armenian, or a Scytho/Sarmation. The Scytho/Sarmations were nomadic Iranian tribes.

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