The Heirs of Genghis Khan


In the vast steppes of Siberia, where winter lasts ten months we meet three unique races that will show their wandering life and survival techniques in this inhospitable environment . Alongside Tansendaryá we\\\'ll see that an itinerant camp consists of works gers , traditional Mongolian tents and an intense activity including training horses, herding goats and camels husbandry is organized.

In the Taiga, under boreal forest we\\\'ll find Tsaatan people, whose lives are closely tied to reindeer husbandry. Their presence in these forests is in danger because the structure of its closed society, where inbreeding has caused the deterioration to their kind.

We also will approach a thriving village of itinerant Kazakh farmers, they are also expert falconers, which will give us the opportunity to closely observe the breathtaking hunts of huge eagles with two meter wingspan and seven kilos of weight.

Great Civilizations
Genghis Khan, asian nomads
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