The Goths


The Goths were Scandinavians from Western Sweden and the Island of Gotland.

The Gothic language, is the oldest of all Germanic languages. Gothic is extinct as a spoken language but the grammar is known so we can read Gothic.

The Goths were part of the Germanic migration South from Scandinavia, around 300 B.C. they migrated first to Poland and expanded South and East. The Goths established a vast empire, referred to as Oium, which at its peak under King Ermanaric stretched from the Danube River to the Volga River and from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea.

The arrival of Germanic speaking invaders along the coast of the Black Sea is generally explained as a gradual migration of the Goths from what is now Poland to Ukraine, reflecting the tradition of Jordanes and old songs. The first Greek references to the Goths call them Scythians because the Goths had taken over the Scythian and Sarmatian lands and incorporated them into the Gothic Empire.  Up until this time the Goths did not ride horses, they learned their riding skills from the Scythians.

When the Huns arrived in Eastern Europe they conquered the Gothic Empire and drove the Goths West into Roman territory. Eventually the Goths and Rome came to blows and the Goths sacked the city of Rome and moved farther West into the Iberian peninsula their last move and the Goths became the main ancestors of todays Spanish and Portuguese People.

Small groups of Ukrainian Goths survived in the Crimea until the 17th century.

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