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Rurik Russia's founder

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The documentary film about the foundation of the first Russian state, with English subtitles.

From Russian TV, 2003

Rurik or Riurik was a Varangian chieftain who left his lands in the West to his brother, packed up and sailed East with his fleet, his house/relatives, retinue and other followers and gained control of Ladoga in 862, built the Holmgard Fort and settlement which would become Novgorod. He also put a small garrison of his retinue at White Lake and Izborsk. At Pskov he settled family members.  Rurick was trying to get control of the trade routes that came through the area, one East to the Silk Road and on to China, one South to Constantinople.

Rurick's  descendants became the Rurik Dynasty, who's princes would rule the lands that would become Ukraine and Belarus until 1240 and rule the lands that would become European Russia until 1598.

Hroderich Halfdanson
Born: 830 AD
Died: 879 AD
Children: Yngvarr Hroderichson, Prince of Kiev

DNA tests have concluded that the Rurick Dynasty had two branches, decedents of Oleg I of Chernigov have Slavic, Germanic and Celtic DNA and decedents of Vladimir Monomakh have Baltic and Finnish DNA.

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