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The most deeply rooted misconception, still widespread even in the scientific world, is that Neanderthals became extinct. Morphological comparison between Neanderthals and modern Europeans immediately reveals striking similarities in unique physical traits not found among Africans.

The sequencing of the Neanderthal genome, completed in 2010, has definitely proven that, all people today, except the people whose ancestors never left Africa, inherited about 3 to 5% of Neanderthal DNA, some of our most visible physical traits, freckles, blonde hair, red hair and light eyes, appear to have been inherited from our Neanderthal ancestors.
Pure Neanderthals did go extinct but so did the pure Paleolithic European Homo Sapiens from Africa who had dark skin, Neanderthals were assimilated into the Paleolithic European Homo Sapien population, they are still here, we are hybrids now.

The Homo Sapiens-Neanderthal hybridization was probably an extremely long drawn out process, in which a constant flow of Homo Sapiens from Africa and the Middle East progressively diluted Neanderthal DNA over a 15,000 year period. Homo sapiens apparently did not inherit the whole light skin, light eyes and light hair package at once, but through continuous interbreeding with various Neanderthal subspecies in Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia over thousands of years. It has been confirmed that Paleolithic European Homo sapiens had blue eyes, but dark skin and dark hair. All European, Asian, North and South American native people apparently inherited various Neanderthal genes relating to the immune system, including genes that increased the risk for some auto-immune diseases such as type-2 diabetes and Crohn's disease.

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