Deep Space Explorer


Deep space exploration is the term used for the exploration of deep space and which is usually described as being quite distant away from Earth, within or away from the solar system.

It is the branch of astronomy and space technology which is involved with exploring the distant regions of outer space. Physical exploration of space is conducted both by human spaceflights and by robotic spacecraft.

At present the furthest space probe mankind has constructed and launched from Earth is Voyager 1 which has only just reached[when?] the edge of our Solar System taking over 20 years to get there. Deep space exploration further than this is not yet possible due to current space engine technology available.

Some of the best candidates for future deep space engine technologies include anti-matter, nuclear power and beamed propulsion. The latter, beamed propulsion, appears to be the best candidate for deep space exploration presently available, since it uses known physics and known technology that is being developed for other purposes.

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