Battle of Tsushima

The Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905

The Russo-Japanese War was a clash between two expanding empires. In some ways it was a very twentieth-century war, with large armies using modern weapons, in other ways it reflected the values of the nineteenth century, with Russian citizens donating money to the Japanese Red Cross in appreciation for the outstanding medical care given their soldiers who were taken prisoner..

Battle of Tsushima, Japan devastates the Russian fleet that sailed all the way from the Baltic to the Pacific to fight and needed repairs when they got to the Pacific but the Japanese Navy attacked them before they could get to port. The video portrays action on the Japanese Battleship Mikasa, the Japanese had superior accuracy of fire due to better training.

The United States, led by President Theodore Roosevelt, brokered the Treaty of Portsmouth that ended the war. President Roosevelt earned a Nobel Peace Prize for his effort.

The war actually benefited both nations it forced both Russia and Japan to industrialize their rural economies and bring their armies and navies up to Western European Standards and they both became World Powers.

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battle of Tsushima, Russo Japanese war, 1905
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