Battle of the Ice - Alexander Nevsky

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Clip fron the "Movie Alexander Nevsky"

Battle of the Ice April 5th 1242, from the movie "Alexander Nevsky", 1938.  The film is a little old and not in perfect condition. This film set the standards for medieval battle movies, the producers of many medieval battle movies since have studied the battle scenes from this movie including the producer of "Braveheart".
The Teutonic Knights thought they could easily defeat the Republic of Novgorod, they had already taken two of Novgorod's border castles and the vassal city of Pskov. Most of the rest of Russia was under Mongol control and the Germans thought Novgorod would not get any reinforcements from other Russian principalities or the Mongols. The Mongols never conquered Novgorod but they still sent 900 cavalry to help Novgorod fight the Germans. The Karelians of Finland who were vassals of Novgorod also sent troops.
The Teutonic knights were soundly defeated. The Germans would never try to invade Russia again until the 20th Century.

Teutonic order dropped all territorial claims over Russian lands
Number of combatants
Germans and allies
2,000 heavy infantry
2,000 heavy cavalry
Republic of Novgorod and allies
1,000 light infantry
2,000 heavy infantry
1000 heavy cavalry
900  Mongol light cavalry
Germans and allies
killed about 1000
1000 + infantry captured, disarmed and released
50 knights captured and held for ransom
The Grand Master captured and executed after a trial.

Republic of Novgorod and allies
killed 50 Mongol light cavalry the rest unknown

The ice really did not crack, it's just part of the movie script and the Mongol  cavalry are not shown in the movie battle scenes.

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